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We are an all-in-one digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), Social advertising (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram). In addition to our marketing skills, we also have our own in-house team of skilled web designers, web developers, and IT technicians ready to handle any request.

Selecting the right strategy prior to commencing with a new project is a very crucial step in achieving your KPI goal(s). At Top Bros, our strategists have ample experience and success in BOTH aspects, Design/Development and Marketing.

We strive to keep providing and excellent product delivered by superior customer service, and that is why we are a 5 Star Agency.


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Our award winning designers and savvy digital marketers work hand in hand
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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of building an online profile that search engines deem relevant. The more relevant Google see's your website the higher up in the search results you will appear for your prospective keywords

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

1. Is your website Mobile friendly?
2. When you look at it on a mobile phone does it have a "click to call" button
3. Does it adjust sized on your tablet?

More than 90% of all searches are done on mobile devices, so it makes sense that Google want's your website to be "mobile friendly". Also you want to make it as easy as possible for people to contact you for new business right. Most people, after they click to a website will spend a total of 8 seconds and either leave and hit back on the browser to your competition or hit your "CALL" button if you have one. If you don't you risk losing that prospective client.

Custom SEO Meta Coding

Custom SEO Meta Coding

Although Meta Tags do not hold as much relevance as they used too the do however hold some useful information for the Google Robots and or Crawlers

Site Submission

Site Submission

When your website is coded properly you want to make sure you website is officially submitted to Google, Bing, Alexa, and Yahoo and also list the HTML Meta tags they give you in the "head" section of your website.

H1 and H2 Tags

H1 and H2 Tags

These are similar to Title Tags except they are more to the subject of that page and hold some importance when it comes to SEO. You should only have one H1 tag and should be the main topic of that page. If your a local business you would want to list the city in the h1 tag.
See example below.
<*h1> Cookie Wholesaler in Los Angeles <*/*h1*>
As you can see this is the same or similar to the title tag.



https:// The added "S" makes the website secure. Google is now giving more relevancy to websites that have the "SSL" Certificate. In other words not having it puts you behind those that do. "SSL" certs change your to

In the past Google really didn't care which one you had. Now however as the internet grows and more and more websites are launched Google favors the websites that are more secure than others. This is not to say your website is "unsafe" it just means you haven't paid the extra money for

Title Tag

Title Tags

Title Tags in SEO are a major catalyst when building your website. A title tag to Google is a Keyword in which Google wants to know how to categorize your website. Do you sell Cookies or are you an SEO Company? If we don't use Title Tags, Google will have no idea what our site is about or what we want to show up for. There are two way's to view your title tags one is to move your mouse into a blank space on your home page, right click, then go to view page source. Here you will see a bunch of code and don't worry because you only need to understand 1 item in this. Here's an example below for a wholesale cookie distribute in Los Angeles.

In the Cookie example we are now showing Google we are a Cookie Wholesaler in Los Angeles and we also want to show up if anyone Googles Gluten free Cookies.

Here and in the Search Engine Optimization example we've used a total of 2 different keywords for the Home Page of your website. Here's where it get's really cool. If you have more than one page on your website (which I hope you do) you can title each one according to what that page is about. So the Cookie Wholesaler could have 3 pages titled as following:

Link Building and Local Citations

Link Building and Local Citations:

This is what I like to call "High School" all over again. Google and other search engines give more revelency and rewards the popular kid in school. That means if your website has a link in Yelp and Yellow pages driving traffic back to your website according to Google you have 2 friends. Now if you have Yellow pages, Alexa, Yandex, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Hot Frog, Google+ Bing Places,you are now more popular than the website that only has 2 links. Search engines will reward you in posistioning / ranking because you are now considered "more popular".


Bad-Spam-Links (Black Hat SEO)

Bad links or black hat SEO is a number of different things you could do, but for links sake a company that sells flowers in Pasadena shouldn't have local links that are in Japanese or Russian or local citations in Russia. Google know's its a local Pasadena Flower shop and Google knows that your not delivering from Los Angeles to Russia a bouquet of Roses therefore you will be penalized for those links. Honestly there's no need to try and cheat or beat the system, if you do business honorably and the "right way" you will be rewarded.
There's nothing worse than putting all this effort to beat Google later to get caught and have your business suffer. It's a waste of your time.



Content is KEY!! Google is famous because it provides the searcher with the most relevant information. So if we had 100 Cookie Wholesalers in Los Angeles that said on their website "my cookies are the best and taste good" this now no longer becomes relevant because we are now saying exactly the same thing as all the other cookie websites.Now switch it up a bit and if we said "Our cookies are made from whole wheat flour and our chocolate is imported from Belgium and we use a particular Cane Sugar from Hawaii" now we're saying something that no other website is saying about cookies and again, the website will be rewarded in relevancy from the search engines, and higher up on the list.


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