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Digital Marketing vs SEO

Many people ask what’s the difference isn’t the internet. The answer to that is Yes and No, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of building a presence online that search engines deem relevant. The more relevant you are the higher up the rankings you will appear. This is done by having your website UX friendly so it fits on Tablet, iPhone, Android, and Desktop or Laptop. Another aspect is links and social media. Anywhere you have links going back to your website the search engines few this as your website is, in a sense popular!

Google looks for is to see if the content on your website is original. Yes, Original. If you cut and paste content from someone else’s website Google will know and penalize you, and yes they know if it’s just been altered a bit. Let’s face it we’re talking about Google HELLO? 🙂 And finally, we get to the coding of your website. Google wants to know what your website is about so they have spiders, crawlers, bots, robots that crawl each page of your website so it can figure out how to categorize you in the search results. These bots read what is called a title tag, this is where you insert the keyword that you want your website to show up for. This is the basics of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Digital Marketing, however, is exactly what it say’s “marketing” Yes SEO is a part of Marketing, however when most people talk or refer to marketing they mean paid ads or Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Yelp, all other directories. Google AdWords is built on a bidding strategy. This means you are bidding for the spot on the top page of Google with your competitors. Depending on the keyword focus and area you are targeting will affect the price. With this, you need to conduct a certain sense of poise and rationality. If you overbid, you are simply wasting funds that could have been better allocated towards other keywords that most of your competition most likely won’t be going after. Again instead of SEO which can take some time, Google AdWords is a great way to get instant satisfaction and have your website on the top page of Google within a few hours.

Facebook, unlike SEO, is a fantastic way to market because you can actually target their interest, age, employment, location and so much more. Surprisingly Facebook Ads are very inexpensive. With Facebook, you can try and recruit more likes, follows, clicks to your website and or even sign up for a service or a free demo. Anytime you are doing Social Media advertising this is considered SMM which stands for “Social Media Marketing

Yelp is a bit like Google but with a few flaws. They will put you at the top of the list for a monthly fee you might get some clicks. To be honest, in my personal opinion I don’t care for Yelp all that much. Me personally… I’ve run/spent plenty of money on Yelp, and when I stopped paying them my “actual reviews” and mind you these were the really good ones I like to showcase, they moved a bunch of them into their “unrecommended” category. Which is not at all how they should conduct themselves.


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