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How Pay Per Click Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Let’s say you’re shopping for something specific—a long-sleeved, crew neck wool sweater in navy blue, for example. You type a quick phrase into Google, hit search, and the perfect item pops up at the top of your results. You’ve just experienced the power of pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC models are an increasingly important element of online marketing for almost any business. Here’s why:

Immediate Exposure:

It takes serious time and effort to boost your business to the front page of organic search results using SEO. By contrast, pay per click tools like AdWords place your products in the top position right away. You’ll quickly attract the attention of potential customers and see an immediate ROI.

High Quality Traffic:

Because PPC ads are shown to people who specifically search for your brand or service, you’re spending money to reach customers with a demonstrated interest in your business. This means that pay per click drives high-quality traffic to your site, in turn boosting conversion rates.

Cost Control:

If your business is on a tight budget, PPC offers a lot of bang for your advertising buck. You can cap your daily budget to prevent overspending, be flexible with spend during peak seasons, and stay conservative when you need to allocate budget dollars elsewhere.

Audience Targeting:

With advanced tools like AdWords, you can target ads to reach incredibly specific audiences. You can choose which ads are shown using complex combinations of keywords, locations, devices, dates, times and more, so your advertising dollars are spent on customers with the highest likelihood of conversion.

Remarketing Opportunities:

PPC offers unique options for remarketing to customers who visited your site without purchasing. You can develop individualized ads that remind customers about products or services they recently browsed, encouraging them to return and complete a purchase.