Landing Page Guidelines

Landing Page


  • Identify your Target Audience

  • Write with bullets and short paragraphs

  • Identify main viewing location on the page

  • Perform A/B Testing

  • ALT Tag images


  • Remove Website Navigation

Hero Banner

  • Keep it short and simple

  • Add Relevant Image or Video

  • Craft Benefit Focused Headline

  • Insert Form if applicable

  • Design Compelling CTA


  • Paint Point

  • Solution

  • Features

  • Benefits

  • Proven Results

  • Respond to Objections

  • Click Triggers


  • Only ask what you need

  • Link/Text for why certain field is needed

  • Design Compelling CTA

  • Redirect to a Thank you Page


  • Use vibrant and contrasting colors

  • Focus on the benefit to your visitor

  • Use five words or less

  • Use action verbs

  • Make button or link large enough

  • Give it some spacing from content

Possible Body Content

  • Testimonials

  • Case Studies

  • Why Us

  • Our Process


  • Fast Loading

  • Keep the buyer’s journey in mind

  • Create a seamless experience

  • Create a clear path to conversion

  • Add scarcity to your offer

Thank You

  • Create Personalized Thank you message

  • Provide links to other relevant content

  • Social Media Share Bar Invitation

  • Blog or Newsletter Subscription form

  • Automate a follow-up email with the offer

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