Hobby Hideaway

Manufacturer of scrapbook furniture with the patented exclusive Level Desk System ™ that provides the user an extremely strong 4’ x 3’ flat laminated work surface. Originally designed as a scrapbook armoire for scrapbooking, it can also be configured as a sewing cabinet, universal hobby furniture and home office desk that allows unfinished projects to remain as-is when folding the desk away.



A Global SEO Ranking: The clients wanted to rank for keyword “scrapbooking furniture”, “hobby desk’, Scrapbooking Armoire



The website the client had before we started was a WIX website. Due to the website being built in WIX I really had a challenge in front of me. First an SEO Website Crawl was done showing me all the SEO errors and what we needed to fix. Unfortunatily we haed to build a new website. The client as on a small budget due to the majority of funds being allocated for the Global SEO campaign so, we had them build a website in GoDaddy.
I was able to submerge myself in all that GoDaddy’s website builder had and started coding. Once coded, we focused on backlinks, Press Releases, Alt Text, H1’s , Custom Meta Coding, Image SEO, internal/external link building, local directory’s , email campaigns, click funnels with some HUGE Success. Actually they couldn’t keep up with demand of orders (which is a great problem to have) They were ecstatic.


Global Ranked website on Page 1 of Google Organically for keyword “scrapbooking furniture” , “scrapbooking desk” , “hobby desk”, and “scrapbooking armoire”.
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